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Aims : British Association of MRI Radiographers.

  • To promote MRI education and knowledge by encouraging and facilitating Continued Professional Development for MRI radiographers and other professionals and students associated with MRI.
  • To support, encourage and facilitate the exchange of MRI information between professional bodies and individuals by encouraging and developing MRI educational courses and conferences, the support of best practical guidelines and be advisory on MRI issues.  

Achieved by: 

  • Holding 3 annual meetings of the Policy Board. 
  • The production of a biannual MRI Newsletter.
  • Facilitate a website for members to access up to date MRI information.
  • Hold an Annual Conference and AGM at venues all across the UK and Ireland.
  • Provide high quality MRI Courses for healthcare professionals interested in the field of MRI safety, physics, artifacts, scanning techniques and pathologies.
  • Providing members with access to experts and information forums, thereby encouraging sharing of ideas and knowledge within the membership.
  • Encouraging members to develop their skills and confidence to present their specialist knowledge to their peers through conferences and presentations and publications.


The full Constitution Document is available to members for further information