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BAMRR Introductory MRI Course -

A two day course aimed at Radiographers new to MRI


  • MRI Safety
  • Physics How MRI works
  • Physics Simple pulse sequences
  • MRI Contrast Agents
  • MRI Artefacts
  • MSK Imaging
  • Neuro Imaging

Interactive Sessions based in an MRI department utilising a hands on approach to;

  • Practical MRI session - live on a scanner - parameter manipulation
  • MRI Knee 
  • MRI Lumbar Spine
  • MRI Brain
  • View knee, brain and lumbar spine case studies with a reporting radiographer
  • Ask a friendly physicist to explain or go over anything to do with MRI physics

* Please note: paper copies of some presentations may be provided, however for some presentations this will not be possible.

Registration for the November 2019 course will open of the 1st August.


BAMRR Introduction to MRI flyer with costs and agenda.