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BAMRR Introductory MRI Course -

A two day course aimed at Radiographers new to MRI


  • MRI Safety
  • Physics How MRI works
  • Physics Simple pulse sequences (SE/FSE/IR/GE)
  • MRI Contrast Agents
  • MRI Artefacts
  • MSK Imaging
  • Neuro Imaging

Interactive Sessions based in an MRI department utilising a hands on approach to;

  • Practical MRI session - live on a scanner - parameter manipulation
  • MRI Knee 
  • MRI L.Spine
  • View knee & spine case studies with a reporting radiographer
  • Ask a friendly physicist to explain or go over ANYTHING to do with MRI physics

* Please note: paper copies of presentations will, where possible be provided, however for some presentations this may not be possible.


BAMRR Introduction to MRI 2018 flyer with costs and agenda