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Breast MRI

February 27, 2018

Breast MRI for Screening, Diagnosis, Treatment Planning & Evaluation

27th February 2018, London

Breast MRI has achieved widespread clinical use within the NHS, and has a number of different roles:  cancer screening (and assessment of cancer risk), diagnosis, MR-guided biopsies, planning of surgery and radiotherapy, and assessment of a number of treatments/interventions, increasingly making use of functional MRI techniques. Optimisation of the sequences employed is essential, but many different approaches are possible within existing Radiological guidelines. A Quality Assurance Programme must address many different needs, often requiring a compromise between different image characteristics.
This scientific meeting will examine ways to achieve optimum breast MRI protocols (data acquisition and data analysis protocols) for maximum clinical benefit whilst considering the advantages of MRI in the context of other imaging techniques.
This subject will be of interest to clinical scientists/medical physicists, Radiographers and Radiologists supporting breast MRI in a variety of applications
If you’d like to submit an abstract, please note the call for papers deadline is 24th November.
Further details including abstract submission on our website here.

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