About Us

BAMRR was formed in 1990 to promote the professional development of radiographers and other professionals within the speciality of MRI, through encouraging and developing educational forums and conferences.

Established in 1990 as a voluntary special interest group in MRI and MRI safety.

The Association also looks to provide guidance and information to the members of the Association in all areas of MRI, and endeavours to provide a collective and democratic forum through which radiographers and other professionals can guide the development of practice within the speciality.

Why Join BAMRR

  • We promote education and training for MR Radiographers through validated courses and conferences.
  • We offer guidance and information on all MR issues via the MRI safety link.
  • We forge links with other organsiations such as SOR, MRAG, MHRA and BIR.
  • You will receive a free newsletter twice a year to keep your department up to date with current issues.
  • We offer an education grant for MSc students and poster/proffered paper prizes at the annual conference.