Guidelines & Safety Links

Latest international guidance documents available that promote safe working practice within MRI, and links to MRI safety related webpages and articles.

Latest Guidance Documents Available:

MRI Safety Related Webpages

Society of Radiographers

Documents & Website links:

Find information on the Society of Radiographers website about current safety guidelines, useful publications, and risk assessment templates. There is also an available document to download on ‘The Role of the Radiographer in MRI’ which acknowledges the role of the Radiographer in MRI is highly specialised, as ‘the scope of practice continues to broaden due to advances in technology and scanning techniques.’ The MRI webpage includes information on e-learning resources for MRI Radiographers and information about contrast safety.


The BAMRR patient poster series can be downloaded via the BAMRR website

British Institute of Radiology

The British Institute of Radiology will be publishing advice sheets on their website during safety week.

Recommended: Listening to the podcast made in 2017 where Dr Alan Bainbridge talks about the importance of safety week. It reminds healthcare professionals and patients about the risks of MRI and the importance of safe practices, and it also gives us the opportunity to review our policies and practices.   


MRI safety notices are free to download on the IPEM website.


Safety Guidelines for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Equipment in Clinical Use (2015)

One of the aims of these UK safety guidelines is to provide relevant safety information for users of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment in clinical use

e-learning for Healthcare

BAMRR is currently working in partnership with e-learning for Healthcare to develop a web-based learning resource suitable for a range of staff working in the MRI unit. Check out the link on their website to an article written in 2006 ‘MRI suite: safety outside the bore’ by T.Gilk, where MR Safety is described a ‘tripod’ made of three components: clinical safety, operational safety, and facility safety.

e-learning for Healthcare website

Select ‘Safety topics’ under ‘The list’ section of to find MR safety information on over 160 types of implants and sections on topics such as Guidelines to Prevent Excessive Heating and Burns Associated with Magnetic Resonance Procedure and Foreign bodies and screening.


Metrasens have a section on their website offering resources that promote patient and staff safety in MRI. There is a selection of webinars and podcasts (free to download) and a document available about best practices from an analysis of MR incidents that were reported to the FDA called 9 practices that could have prevented 74% of reported injuries.

On-demand webinar: MRI Projectile Safety, Lessons to Learn

This webinar shares 3 incidents from the MAUDE database in USA, the lessons learnt and recommendations for best practice. Each incident involves MR Radiographers.  Discussion takes place about how intrinsic and extrinsic factors (factors we can/cannot control) contributed to the incident, along with how important local policies, staff training, and equipment are in supporting best practice and preventing incidents. There is also a series of podcasts including ‘MRI projectile safety: lessons learnt from the MAUDE database’.


The International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine promotes communication, research and development, and applications in the field of MRI. Check out their webpages for safety links, videos, and options to download safety posters on topics such as ‘Prevention of burns’.