Patient Care

SoR Information

  1. SoR article online about CQC report at Shropshire hospital
  2. SoR Professional codes of conduct Section 1: relationships with patients and carers

NHS Information

  1. NHS website: information for patients
  2. NHS website with guidance on how to write and layout patient information leaflets, posters and in social media.

MHRA Information

The MHRA guidance on “Best Practice Guidance on patient information leaflets”.

BAMRR poster series

Welcome to MRI (print size A3)

The MRI scanner (print size A3)

Suggested method to fit earplugs (print size A4)


  1. Patient Anxiety and Satisfaction in a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Department: Initial Results from an Action Research Study (Zachary Munn et al)
  2. The experience of patients participating in a small randomised control trial that explored two different interventions to reduce anxiety prior to an MRI scan (Tugwell and Pritchard, 2018)
  3. Alleviating anxiety in patients prior to MRI: A pilot single-centre single-blinded randomised controlled trial to compare video demonstration or telephone conversation with a radiographer versus routine intervention (Tugwell et al, 2018)
  4. Therapy dogs help minimize MRI anxiety in children (2019)

Virtual Reality Experience

  1. A Free Virtual Reality Experience to Prepare Paediatric Patients for Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Cross-Sectional Questionnaire Study (Ashmore et al, 2019)

Manufacturer Videos

Manufacturer videos aimed to inform patients about their MRI scan.

Patient Videos

Here are some examples from the team at Kings College, London. They are available on their website for patients to access prior to their scan.

VR video for Children

VR video for Adults

Other Publications to look up

  1. Anxiety in patients undergoing Magnetic Resonance Imaging – (Baran et al, 2015)
  2. Easing anxiety in preparation for paediatric magnetic resonance imaging: a pilot study using animal-assisted therapy – (Perez et al, 2019)