MR Safety Week 24-28 July 2023

This year it is 22years since the tragic accident where a 6-year-old was killed whilst having an MRI. Michael Columbini was struck by a magnetic oxygen cylinder when it was taken into the MRI scan room by accident. MR Safety week is an annual event that takes place on this anniversary with the aim of promoting the importance of MR safety and best practice within MRI services. 

This year BAMRR have created the ‘how safe is your department’ checklist © for MR Radiographers and their teams to complete in their workplace during the week. Join us every day this week to download your checklists.

supporting resources for Day 4 checklist

supporting resources for Day 3 checklist

supporting resources for Day 2 checklist

supporting resources for Day 1 checklist

Other International organisations involved in MR safety week